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Greetings from The Language Company: SHAWNEE ENGLISH INSTITUTE!


SEI is located on the beautiful campus of St. Gregory's University. When you come to our institute you will find a family atmosphere. The teachers and staff care very much about your needs and your education.

SEI provides excellent facilities. You will have access to the university's gymnasium with exercise equipment, basketball courts, volleyball courts and running track. You will be able to use the university library and even have a meal plan at their cafeteria. SEI provides a fully equipped computer lab for language study, Internet research and e-mail.

You will enjoy your time studying with experienced teachers and other students from all over the world in small classes. Our intensive program will prepare you for speaking English, success in university or a career, and passing language tests. SEI's courses include all aspects of English language learning, and SEI provides special TOEFL courses as well. Outside the classroom you will find friendly university students and caring home-stay families.

Your new hometown will be Shawnee, Oklahoma. With a population of 35,000 people, Shawnee is the perfect place to study and enjoy recreational activities. Shawnee is a comfortable town, without the crowded environment of a large metropolitan city. It is only 35 minutes from Oklahoma City. Activities in Shawnee and Oklahoma City include attending professional hockey and baseball games, NBA basketball games, ice-skating, game nights and parties hosted by faculty, shopping, conversation clubs with local university students, and bowling. Several times each year, SEI sponsors a trip to Dallas, Texas.

When you are ready to enter university SEI's special relationship means that you can enter St. Gregory's University by completing level 108 at SEI rather than through passing the TOEFL. You can even get course credit for completing level 109 at SEI. This is always an excellent choice. St. Gregory's University has more than 120 years' experience providing liberal arts education. It is a small private institution that prepares young men and women for productive, successful lives. The SGU faculty and staff help students to strengthen skills, utilize technology, develop talents, and clarify values while promoting a sense of self-esteem and personal confidence. Many other universities also have special relationships with SEI and allow admission or lower TOEFL scores based on completing courses at SEI.

Thank you for considering Shawnee English Institute. We look forward to seeing you in the near future. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have. Please check out our website at and write to us at the address below. Best Regards,

Tony J. Terry

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